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We areSeriously Cool English


Seriously Cool English is an educational website aimed for children who are learning English as a second Language.

We have compiled a wide variety of useful and illustrative resources to make learning English a cool, enjoyable and fun experience.


We strongly believe that children learn more effectively when they feel motivated.

They engage better throughout exciting, creative, and positive memorable learning activities. 

It is our goal to enable learners to acquire key knowledge and to develop the necessary skills required to speak English confidently.

Why you should join Seriously Cool English?

As a subscriber to SeriouslyCoolEnglish, we will create a tailored learning plan for your child, you will also gain full access to all of our English worksheets, learning pack, workbooks and interactive resources. 

We strive every day to challenge children, help them learn and build them to be the best versions of themselves.

If you are interested in private tutoring, let us know !... by clicking the link: let's chat! 

We will love to hear from you.

 Please explore the website to learn more about our learning programme

and also join our Rock stars! readers club.

Yours Seriously Cool Team

Todos los videos

Todos los videos

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Learning programme for your child

English Learning Journey

Qualified tutor who adapt a learning plan for your child.

Take 1-1 lessons that meet your child unique needs and learning style.


Learning Journey progress checks

Full access to all English worksheets, phonics, reading, handwriting, spellings. Printable activities.

Flexible learning around your schedule.

Learn from home and choose the best time for your child lessons.

Interactive Resources

Learning tools around your schedule

Enjoy our virtual classroom designed specifically for language learning.

Full access E-books, Audiobooks, games,

English challenges packs,

Guided reading