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Willow the puppy and Bill the King's guard
are here to take you to an 
epic English Language Journey


Welcome to Seriously Cool English

Our amazing English learning journey!


Seriously Cool English has created a collection of easy to use, free educational and activities resources for an epic English adventure!

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Phonemic awareness and language development

Starting in Early Years, children are taught phonics; the journey of learning to read, write and spell. These vital skills are the beginning of a lifelong literacy journey. Phonics, which may also be referred to as 'letters and sounds', is the process of children learning to read.

The process of learning to read and write begins from an early age, where children can learn and practise many skills. This can be done in a range of ways and settings, including home. 

Exposing children to use different type of resources such as storybooks, audiobooks, songs, games, short activities, glove puppets, craft, cooking, facts, etc. 


Making the culture happen in the English Language journey

Culture is the fifth skill in addition to reading, writing, listening and speaking.


In Seriously English we try to make British culture "real" to our students. It makes learning English more fun for them.

Learning a new language like English at an early age can prove to be beneficial in the long run in various aspects of a child’s life.


This is the beginning of our extraordinary journey through the British Culture!.

Let's take a look at the United Kingdom

England is the largest country in the United Kingdom (UK). It is part of the UK along with WalesScotland and Northern Ireland.

England is bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales to the West. England's bustling capital, London, was recently voted the second-most-visited city in the world with 20 million international visitors.

Rich in history and culture, England boasts some of the most famous writers, singers, scientists and sports personalities worldwide.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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What do you already know about The United Kingdom?
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (also referred to as the UK) is made up of four fascinating countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



London City

London is the capital and largest city of England.
It is famous for the River Thames and a leading global city for art, music, fashion, finance, education... a lot
happens in London!

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